About Us

About Inkwell Printing

Inkwell Printing are a family run print and design company, where no job is too big or small.

With over 28 years of experience, we can bring your ideas to life, from initial conception of design, right through to all stages of production to the finished item.

However, we know you are really here to see the face of that wonderful person you speak to on the other end of the phone, so meet the team.


Neil and Becky

Neil and Becky - This husband and wife duo were lucky enough to jump on board back in 2015 when Inky and Sandra gave them the fantastic opportunity to continue the Inkwell brand. Most of you, if you have called, have spoken to either of them on the phone. Neil has his hands in every pot from quoting, designing, printing and finishing. Those of you within the 25 mile radius will have met Becky as she does all our local daily deliveries so give her a wave if you see her passing in our van!

Penny Brown

Penny Brown - Penny is the newest member of the team with over 20 years' experience in the design and print industry. Penny enjoys renovating properties and interior design, after a long busy day she likes nothing more than a friendly chat over a cold glass of chardonnay.


Froggy - Froggy has been with Inkwell for 24 years, however has been a friend of Inky’s from childhood. For those that have been into our studio, Froggy is the man you'll come across first. With so much experience in the industry, Froggy really can bring your ideas to life with his design skills. He is also an excellent curry maker and can challenge anyone to a hot chilli challenge.


Tony - Tony has been running our litho presses here at Inkwell for 11 years, his precision to detail really does make him the man for the job. He’s usually behind the scenes, however you can often catch him on stage in punk bands across the country, sadly its now minus the mohawk.


Chris - Chris has been our finisher here for 15 years. Having originally run litho presses he has decided he prefers print finishing. There’s probably not a song or band chris hasn’t listened to before and has previously been a promoter running a club in Peterborough booking bands such as Biffy Clyro, Athlete and Kasabian. Now he’s a talented artist turning his hand to mosaics, poetry and photography.

Inky and Sandra

Inky and Sandra - Where do we start, parents of Becky, they started the company over 28 years ago! They spent those years gaining a fantastic and loyal customer base and making life long friends. In 2015, they decided to hand over the reins and now spend their time travelling, looking after their grandchildren and working part-time (we can’t get rid of them quite yet!)